Thursday, February 4, 2010

the 100th post.. only i know that this is the 100th post of my blog...kinda surprise lo..
To be honest, i am that kind of people that is not another word, easily give up..when i started doing something. I will have the 100% mood to do it..but in few weeks time, hais...just give up a lot of people also act like me lo...perhaps that i am not the only one and the unique one...

In the college now..hais..havent eat anything and the stomach is quite empty now..but, she is eating in front of me lo..subway summore lo..ish...hate herr lo..yerrrrrrrrrr...

Ok la...gtg ady..cious...

Bye people...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

in old town ..

currently in old town ..yum cha with my baby..

Later going to watch some chinese movie ...according to terence, the movie is really funny..people , i am ready to lol...

People!! Please help the children which are sick..omg, this kind of sentence really damn annoying..heard so many times ady..always wanted to help but again, always got stop by my baby...hais...but i know for my ownnnn good...she said that!!

Going pasar malam today...perhaps no rainning!

Bye people, keep in touch

Monday, January 18, 2010 blogging!!

hungry like mad now now now.. Beh tahan ady..

Want to eat a lot of food now..steak, burger, all about mee and everything!

Erm...she is here to go..go mum mum sin...bye

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have been a normal human being for 19 years. 19 years of living, but now only I know what the olds feel.

Old people, they spent years or maybe their life in taking care of their children. But in the end, what have the children did to them. I am not saying all the children are not good and filial, but they are some of them just leaving their parents alone or abandon them.

Today in the morning, I supposedly go to basketball as usual but I went to a temple instead. It is like some charity work. Helping those who are old and abandoned by their own child. What I can do is just by giving them financial support and of coz help those who cant walk like normal human being. I felt very sad when I pass the ang pau (money in it) to each of them . When they received the money, they kept saying thanks to me. What I can reply is just that, “nvm, hope you can live longer and have a good health.” When I said that, my heart wasn’t feeling that good. I was thinking, if everyone treats their parents really good and treat them like how they treated them when they were young. Then today, I no need to listen to 589 times thank you.

The ends.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

my first phone blogging.

i'm currently in Gilly Cafe having hi-tea with my baby...=)
Jealous? Awww you should.
Having hi-tea with the one that u love the most is the best moment that everyone has waited for long..
She is looking at me blogging know la..cant write much ady..if not, u will see me in graveyard..hehe..

Anyway, she is the one that i willing to spend with...thanks god for giving her to me as my darling..

Bye people..keep in touch...omg, got tickle ady..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

05 january 2009

Hi people!!

I am not dead yet... A lot of you say that I am dead ady.coz never update blog for so long..All right, stop the rumors now. I am not dead yet...Just lazy to update lo...But due to my baby request, just post something between me and her la.

The following content may make you laugh like shit but just endure la..

Yesterday, I and my baby just use train to pavilion lo. Haha...guess what, that was my first time using train lo. Quite fresh actually...Something new. I parked my car near her house and then we went to pavilion by using rapid Kl. From Rapid kl then change another train, monorail. After a while, reach bukit bintang station. From there just walk to pavilion.

It was something new to me. And quite happy because can experience my first time together with my beloved one. I know that she hates that, but she still tolerate and accompany me. I really appreciate it. Thanks…

We went fitness and watch movie there. Sherlock Holmes was not bad...He is a very smart legendary people and I will take him as my example. Out of no where, I found out that me and him are quite a like..hehe

As I expected, she was freaking tired that night. First time hearing that she fall in sleep without taking bath. She always takes bath before her sleep...

Anyway, enjoying every moment together with her.. Thanks for everything…

Love ya!!!

The ends…..

Saturday, October 31, 2009

31 October 2009

It had been a long time since i updated my blog...Feel so sorry about it...But anyway, i wasn't free recently. Mid year had passed long time ago..It may sounded like the hard moment had passed...But All of you are wrong. The end of Mid year is the begin of the nightmare!!!

Busy doing my research paper , which is due next Friday(6 November). Quite Stress lo. Not really finished yet..Just finished my thesis statement, 1.0 and 2.0!! Still got a long way to go!

Besides research paper, Quiz! Others Assigment! Omg!!! why are all of them come and visit me within one month...Hais..Anyway, i know that i can do it!!hehe..You know what, i also believe this phrase: Stress is the only thing that can dominate me to success and to the end of the goal!! * created by Yk copyright reserved*

Yeah!! ALmost forget to tell!! Me and my baby just passed our 2 months. Happy belated 2 months anniversary. In this 2 months time, a lot of things really happened. Thanks for everything that you have given to me and thanks for being my side forever and whenever i need you !! I love you more every single seconds and This feeling wont go anywhere and it will always remain in my heart and locked up!! =)

Remember, till now ! you are still my beloved one and i will be next to you , act as a listener, give you advice, protect you and etc...All i want now is just that you will be happy every day and enjoy your life!! Kinda miss you now!! i Love you!!

Night people and baby!!!

Hope that i wont die because of stressful!!!

The endz

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Double post ….

Saturday night,  I was no in the mood posting therefore I didn’t post any…But today , I will post what I have done for yesterday night and today. Actually, I don’t know what am I typing…Haha coz, I miss her and I am in a rush.  Continue updating my blog because of her. My promise to her….

Saturday, 17october 2009,  I was at home al the time. Didn’t do a lot of thing. I was home alone. Parents and my sibling all went out for deepavali holiday. But me…. Alone at home ….listening to music with great base and on the music till extremely loud….Nice studying in this kind of environment. All I can do at home was just studying and listening to music ….No mood to go anywhere with anyone else but only you. I meant it.

Then at night, went to have dinner with family. As you know every Saturday is my family gathering. It has been since a while I have my Saturday dinner with my family. Really not used to it lo. Hehe..

At night, I kept looking at the phone…wondering when she is going to sms or mms me….The missing feel is much more stronger during night. All I can do is just look at our pic…Dammmittttttt…..

Sunday…..Now I am rushing to a weeding dinner….something new lo….wedding dinner in the afternoon….Tell you more in the next post…..Bye

Bye people and darling…..

The endz


Saturday, October 17, 2009

 17 Oct 2009

Yesterday was 16 October 2009.  

I hate Friday’s class. It was bored and I freaking need enough sleep. It was bored because every Friday I will have my account class as my first class. Do you know how boring is the class. Omg, you can’t imagine it. However, got me and cm there, how possible the class to be bored le…Coz we are joker ma and naughty also….Ops!!

Today in account class, we two were so lifeless and bored and we decided to do something…. Sorry tze weng. Tze weng is one of our brothers in the account class. He has a bad habit which is never silent his phone during class. I guess all of you can already guess what is me and cm plan right! Okie, we called Tw during the class. And his phone rang…Everyone stared at him and our lecturer shake her head!!! Ops, sorry…haha

The next one is marvin ….This one even worst. He left his phone on the table. We unsilent his phone and called his phone and tell him that his gf call…what we expected is not what we got..We expected marvin will be freaking nervous and…… But, he just said: Off it la…..Dammit, sorry Felicia!!!

Then I went to English class. Okie that one was quite fun also. Ms chris rock….gua!!! She gave us revision for our coming mid year….somemore she said this is her first time giving revision in her teaching life…I wondered why and I asked…And she said, because you guys are weak….OMg….(we are special then say la, you gave us revision because you like us right? Don’t be shy Ok, ms chris!!)

Ponteng Micro!! Hope that Mr Alex will never know….But I knew that my attendance has been taken lo….Hehhe

Went to find Bi Bi after that…..We went to Paparich to gao tim our lunch. We ate our lunch in a hurry lo…coz need to rush to somewhere later. Hais…This ‘somewhere’ you will never want to know and even thought I let you guess, you also cannot guess it …trust me..But I like it and it is special ….I should say… I like every place that can be with you and you will be my side !!

Here come the somewhere…Have a look at the pic and tell me : what  is the ‘somewhere’ that i was talking about….

                                             Our zoo Negara entrance Ticket!! cost Rm 40!!

                                            Little Monkey!! Like human lo. super active!!

                                             " stop taking picture of mine, I am eating lo...Shy shy lo"

                                             Two little small Pony ....
Rusa " babi" .....^^

My beloved one...=)

AM i posting a god pose??? 

Tallest animal in the world..every thing also long .....But..

speechless....enjoying themselves ..Maybe two also male de..Gay lo

"OK...we are done with our business...whose turn now??"Thx for the good show !!

Hippo ( mother and her kid)

I feel so upset ....I lost to a bull.Look at its muscle...dammit!!!!

"Help me!!! I am the frog prince...where is my princess??"

enjoying itself!!! the cheetah..
The lazy King...But when it howl, it was so loud!!
Before leaving.....

my solo picture....taken by her!!

She went to Indonesia….Cant really have a good sleep yesterday. Was looking at me and her pic before I sleep. Just wondering how is she over there and is everything all right, is she enjoying there….Okie, I miss her …That’s it..Before she left, I had thousand words to tell her but I didn’t tell all..coz, I don’t think that it will be necessary also..It is going to be 3 days…3 days no her call at all….can’t hear her voice in 3 days time…Shit..But I have to tahan!! Not used to it..Without her voice as my last voice to heard of the day really not used to it…and I felt like something aint right…Miss her while I was having steamboat with ccm they all..Around 9 smtg…wondering whether is she also feel the same as me….Anywhere, enjoy urself and faster come to my side….

I have to start my study now. Mid year is around the corner.. Study is the best way to reduce my missing feel to her…Hope it help!!

Bye people….

The endz

Thursday, October 8, 2009

something ain't right !!!

wondering what....

maybe a good sleep will do...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

07 october 2009

World tourism day today. i got nothing to do with it but just went there for fun lo. Initially , i thought it was fun but it is purely out of my expectation. It was boring and i have no idea what was the event going on...(?.?)

Anyway, i went to basketball with my buddies. Luckily i am smart and i brought my basketball along with me.. hehe..After basketball, went out and have dinner with her lo.

The entire day was so freaking tired.We went to have our dinner at look up point. All right, today was my second time being there. Again, Mosquito.....!@#$%^$%^&

Fist time car got knocked by policemen lo..Haha..Got knocked and asked for my IC ..Luckily i am legal malaysia citizen ..if not...visit me in the jail la..

Besides that, today also my first time eating subway lo..Yeah...i sounded ridiculous right !! but i am serious is the fact..Now i ate it and thanks to my baby darling lo...<3 Gambateh brother...dont upset because of some girl..Just trust your decision and thats it...

The endz...sleepy 99
* always protect you and love you !!Miss ya*

Monday, October 5, 2009

03 october 2009

Happy Mid Autumn!! This festival is one of the greatest festival of Chinese. The moon and the moon cakes....

My house organized an event on the day. It also can be consider as family gathering day. It was fine and awesome. Didnt drink much that day. just few bottle of Paulaner. Besides this special festival, my baby darling also celebrated her birthday on the same day.

That day, my house was fulled of people and noisy.But i like it. Everyone had joy that day. Can see through their face...Hehe..

Anyway, once again!!! Happy Mid Autumn!

The endz
*Happy Mid Autumn <3*

04 october 2009

Finished CTS presentation liao.

Thanks to my darling.

She helped me a lot and appreciate it.

Grandma is in the hospital now...going to have operation soon

Worrying but wish her all the best and i miss your foods!!

the endz
*I look at my hands and feel missing you,Cause the spaces between my fingers.Are right where yours fit perfectly.*

05 october 2009

Was being emo for the entire day.

Not enough sleep , friend's passed away, grandma incident, assigment and her tos

Suddenly felt so stress and i am ok with it

need to play a super tired basketball match!!!

The endz
* sorry for raising my voice to you today . i am sorry and hope that we can solve our prob together in the future and perhaps, after today , our love will grow even stronger. *

Saturday, October 3, 2009

02 October 2009

I had my micro quiz today...I was so nervous coz i didn't study the night before..Omg!! Fortunately, i have met her..Charmane!! She explained and taught me everything in an hour time. During the exam, i managed to finish my quiz but dont know whether it is right or wrong..That was the most sad moment i had for today!!

Here come the main content of my today post.. I celebrated our first month today. Went watch tsunami and then have dinner in Delicious , Kl!

Tsunami...This movie is actually quite sad and touching. The earlier part of the movie was boring for me...But the late part reallt caught my attention and it was touching after all. To be honest, i am so glad that i am in malaysia but not in the sumatera the years before.....I can clearly feel those who have experienced the tsunami before...I am sorry and please stay strong. Perhaps, there is no more tsunami or any natural disaster anymore...I dont want to see people dying again.... I remembered, i hold her hand so tight when we were watching it.... Nothing can seperate us!!! faith!!

Then we have our dinner in Delicious, Kl...This delicious really used up lots of my time...COz, i dont know its exact position so have to go round and round Kl to search for it...But luckily , we found it. We ate there and here comes the photos:

The place we celerated our one month anniversary!

Taken by Bi bi

Shit....i am acting cute there!!!

Bi , look at your photograhy skill

Bi with the chocolate Brownie!!

Nice pose there...

The lovely couple..Thx for the waitress there who helped us to take this photo.

The endz....
* love you ya*